What is Email Marketing


We have all heard of email marketing repeatedly on the internet; at conferences and during marketing strategy meetings. They say email marketing enriches business communications, targets specific key markets, and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. But what exactly is email marketing and how does it work? How is an email more effective than a radio spot or television advertisement and why should a business spend the time to maintain an email list?

Email marketing occurs when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email. Most commonly through advertisements, requests for business, or sales or donation solicitation, any email communication is considered email marketing if it helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business.

With email marketing, you can easily and quickly reach target markets without the need for large quantities of print space, television or radio time or high production costs. Thanks to effective email marketing software, you can maintain an email list that has been segmented based on several factors including the customers’ likes and dislikes, spending habits and other important criteria. Emails are then created and sent out to specifically target members of your email list, providing them with a personalized email detailing information that they are interested in or have requested.

With the help of email marketing software, email marketing is an effective way to, not only reach your target markets, but also to stay connected with your purchasing base. Through efficient use of email marketing, you can retain current clients while also targeting new markets. You can easily monitor how effective a marketing campaign is, and see that your return on investment is substantially higher than with other, more traditional, marketing campaigns. Let the internet help guide your customers to you again and again with an effective email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is a way to promote your web site. Most web sites are not very effective if they are not promoted in some way.

Next month in the newsletter we will talk about text marketing.

What is Marketing

Do you want to grow your business? Most of us want our business to grow but we just don’t understand how to grow our business. Marketing will grow your business, but you must first understand what marketing is all about. Marketing is the connection between you and whomever buys what you sell. Marketing begins the moment you know you have a product to sell.

The first thing we need is the ability to operate according to a simple plan. Then we need to know what that plan is and how we are going to start that plan. Without a plan, we will waste more money by not having a solid plan of how we are going to market what we want to sell. The second thing is a commitment to that plan. Not everybody can do that. Most people expect quick answers, which do not happen; instant results, which do not happen; and high profits which do not happen. So they abandon their plan, making certain that it won’t happen. And then they complain that marketing doesn’t work. Marketing is about getting the message about your business to the people who want to buy your product.

Marketing is a process, not an event. There is a beginning, a middle, but never an end. You must always be marketing unless you close your business. Marketing is an opportunity to educate prospects and customers on how to succeed at achieving their goals. Marketing is your chance to show people how to make their dreams come true. Marketing is the art of getting people to change their mind; it is a way to persuade them to see things your way. To persuade them to see that your way will make life easier. They can achieve their goals and that will make them happier.

Marketing is not having a website, sending out emails, making phone calls, sending out text messages. It is about all of these things and more. It is about getting your message out in many different ways.

Marketing is an investment, not an expense. If you don’t invest in marketing your business, you will soon not have a business.

To succeed at marketing, you must have a plan and be committed to that plan. Without a plan, you plan to fail.

Do You have a Plan

If you don’t have a plan you plan to fail.

When you are establishing a marketing plan, you can have a plan that is up-to-date or you can have a plan that is guaranteed to fail. That may sound a little harsh, but stop and think about how much things change in the span of a few months or even a few weeks. You should periodically go through your marketing plan and make sure that you tweak your strategy. This will help you be sure that your marketing strategy will survive the next stages of your business.