In Over Your Head

I don’t know about you but most of the time I feel like I am in over my head. I am not in my comfort zone and I feel that I really don’t have what it takes. You have stepped out into water that is over your head. You feel God leading you into the deep, but you really aren’t sure what is going to happen. You can’t see the end results. You can only hear the voice of God telling you to step out to move forward to do His will. I believe the people that feel like they are over their heads are the people with the most power. These are the ones that in the end are the most successful. If you feel like you are in over your head, you are in good company. Even Jesus experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed at times. He could turn a bottle of water into a jug of wine without much more than a batting of an eye. As the crowds grew larger and the stakes got higher, we see that Jesus had to rely more and more on faith.  As He approached the garden to pray, He knew He was getting in over His head. He wept and prayed in His humanness that the cup would pass from Him. Every cell in His body was telling Him “Don’t do this!” Yet somehow, with faith, He was able to complete the task before Him. When He cried, “Into your hands I commit My spirit,” He was admitting that He was not in control, but God was. He knew that God had to take over or it would not be successful. We all are in over our heads. Those who realize this and come to that point are the ones that have the power. So many times in life, we just don’t have the answers. The older I get the less answers I have and the more questions I have. So I must turn to the one that has all the answers, God.

Ten Commandments to Success

1. You must labor each day as if your life hangs in balance.
2. You must learn that with patience you can control destiny.
3. You must chart your course with care or you will drift forever.
4. You must prepare for darkness while traveling in the light.
5. You must smile in the face of adversity until it surrenders.
6. You must realize that plans are only dreams without action.
7. You must sweep cobwebs from your mind before they imprison you.
8. You must lighten your load if you would reach your destination.
9. You must never forget it is later than you think.
10. You must never strive to be anything but yourself.